Airtech International Inc. Receives AS6081 Certification​

Counterfeit electronic components continue to cause major problems in the industry and Airtech International Inc. is among the first to become AS6081 certified.

As a global provider of products, services and solutions to the Aviation, Automotive, Medical, Industrial, Defense and Government industries, we have continued to lead in the battle against counterfeiting. AS6081 certification is another tool that makes Airtech International Inc. a preferred source for all of your obsolete electronic components needs.

Fraudulent/Counterfeit Electronic Parts: Avoidance, Detection, Mitigation, and Disposition - Distributors AS6081
This SAE Aerospace Standard standardizes practices to:

identify reliable sources to procure parts,

assess and mitigate risk of distributing fraudulent/counterfeit parts,

control suspect or confirmed fraudulent/counterfeit parts,

and report suspect and confirmed fraudulent/counterfeit parts to other potential users and Authority Having Jurisdiction.

  • Electrostatic discharge (ESD)

Part of Airtech International Inc. commitment to protecting on-site material and delivering extreme product quality is the depth of our very proactive focus on ESD safety. Before any employee is allowed to enter the component inspection, testing, packaging or warehousing areas, they must first pass through a custom designed “ESD Airlock System”. This automated foot-wear and wrist-wear electronic test checkpoint must register a successful test to ground result in order to gain entry to these sensitive component handling areas.


All work surfaces are completely covered with high-quality ESD matting and constantly monitored with audible / visual alarms. ESD floors, mats, alarms, wrist & footwear are tested weekly to confirm the continuous integrity levels of all ESD safeguard systems in place at Airtech International Inc.


Airtech International Inc. Receives QSLD and QTSL Approvals by the Defense Logistics Agency

Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) is the centralized purchasing entity for the United States Department of Defense (DOD), through whom DOD acquires weapons, repair parts, and electronic components for Army, Navy, Air Force & Marines.  As a result, DLA is one of the largest purchasers of electronic components in the world.   Because of the lives and missions put at risk, DLA is also the most stringent and discriminating such purchaser of electronic components in the world, particularly for Open Market Purchases.

DLA has two programs -- QSLD and QTSL-- whose primary objective is to select and certify only

the best of the best suppliers, who then are "qualified" to sell directly to DLA.  Both programs seek parts 
traceability and invoke strict counterfeit detection parts inspection and test, performed pursuant to AS6081.
Both programs require prior on-site audits by DLA personnel in order to assess stringent program suitability.

Airtech International Inc. is one of very few distributors in the world which is not only
"DLA Qualified", under both QSLD and QTSL, but also is fully certified and registered to AS6081.